Lollipop Onesie Bouquet DIY

January 30, 2018

I'm a firm believer that if it was socially acceptable for me to do so I would romp around in a onesie on the daily. But seeing as though no one would be thrilled to see that (and sorry for the visual!) I decided to to work up a cute lollipop bouquet with the little onesies instead!

With the help of Dawn from Revel and Glitter, a few of my blogging gal pals all got together to throw our sweet friend Laura of Make Life Lovely a baby shower. So with a beautiful color palette in mind, we all set out to shower her with a little virtual love! 


Ok, so you might be wondering what in the heck is a lollipop onesie bouquet?! It's a fun little spin on the onesie flower bouquet, and is so easy peasy to create.

To create your own bouquet you'll need:

  • A few onesies in the colors of your choosing

  • Popsicle sticks (or any other stick)

  • Craft styrofoam block (cut to fit your vase)

  • Tape (I used both washi tape and clear packing tape)

  • Vase/container to hold the bouquet

  • Cellophane or clear wrapping (Saran Wrap would work in a pinch!) 

  • Ribbon

  • Shredded Tissue Paper (optional)

To start your bouquet, fold the left side of a onesie on the long end half-way in, then repeat on the right side.

Next fold the onesie in half so it's as skinny as it can be. Then, starting from the bottom, roll tightly and secure the end to itself using tape.

To add the "lollipop" stick, simply use a piece of clear tape to affix it to the back side of your "lollipop".

Once you've added the stick, it's time to wrap the lollipop in clear wrap. I used a few cellophane party favor bags I had on hand, and just cut them open along the edges. Worked like a charm!

Stand the lollipop up on the end without the stick and wrap the lollipop, securing at the base of the onesie with a bit of ribbon.   

Aren't they adorable?! And totally look like lollipops right? 


To create the bouquet, add the craft styrofoam to your vase, then begin arranging the lollipops at different angles.

I added in a bit of shredded tissue paper in coordinating colors to fill in the empty spots and for a bit more color.

And that's it! Super cute and couldn't be easier. In fact, I think it took me longer to type this up than it did to actually create! The best part is, the bouquet works double duty as both decor during a baby shower, and also an adorable and functional gift for the momma-to-be!

Congratulations Laura! Can't wait to hear all about your sweet bundle once she arrives! 

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