Howdy Summer Girls' Night Out!

May 31, 2016

Howdy y'all! We kicked up our boots and welcomed summer with the glitteriest cowgirl party in town!

All the S&S hostesses wore their fancy kicks for the occasion, and we had a little fun before the little gals arrived, taking pictures and decorating.

The theme was leaned towards shabby chic with a color palette of aqua, pale pink, gold and lavender. Of course, burlap and lace were not to be left out!  

The cowgirl hats were fancied up with pink cording and lavender spray painted sheriff's badges.

The soft colors blended perfectly with the existing decor of the boutique. 

One of our crafts of the night consisted of mini piggy banks which were painted with nail polish (which unlike acrylic paints, stays bright and shiny and dries quickly to boot!). We also added tiny colorful flowers to wooden horseshoes which were spray painted gold and tied with coordinating fabric bows prior to the event.

We also added little rhinestones to mini cowgirl hat clips. They were pretty darn cute if I do say so myself, and I may or may not have made one to wear later! 

My husband found the old wooden screen door when he went to pick up our vintage school chairs and knew that if he didn't bring it home for me that he would regret it! And it was a steal too - all it needed was a good coat of paint. It usually hangs in our entryway, but I knew it was the perfect addition to my dessert table backdrop.

Getting the burlap skirt tied to our leggy table was quite the feat, but oh so worth it in the end!

I found the green shelf at a local antique store and actually passed it up no less than three times before I finally broke down and purchased it. I couldn't be happier with the way it looked on the dessert table! The little berry baskets of popcorn were perfectly dressed for the occasion with our mini cowgirl hat clips. And the jars of strawberry shortcake were definitely crowd pleasers!

Aren't these cookies absolutely amazing?! I mean she definitely nailed it when it came to the design. I don't usually give up control with things like this, but I knew Mel would come through and then some!


And how incredible is the vintage wooden stirrup?! Completely ran across it at random and couldn't resist it's charm. 

I have always wanted a vintage chicken feeder. Not sure why really, something about them attracts my eye. I found one at a local antique store for just the right price and I didn't even think twice about the purchase. It was the perfect holder for our s'mores on a stick!

Another view of the adorable cookies made for us by my sweet friend from Say Anything Bakery. I mean...that painted horse on the fondant painted to look like wood... wow is pretty much the only word that can describe it!


I had a blank spot on the wall behind the dessert table, and couldn't think of a single thing that I had that could be added there. One of our very own hostesses had made several of these macrame wall hangings, and I knew it would be the perfect addition! I was lucky enough to be able to borrow it for the evening.

One last look at our pretty tablescape - the little gable boxes were my fav touch of the whole set-up!

Love catching sweet moments like this one! And love even more that my hostesses are such positive role models for the littles who visit us. 

Dancing...we are always dancing at S&S. It's good for the soul...try it, and try not to smile when doing so. Betcha can't do it! 

These sisters melt my heart with their sweetness! And equally their they told their momma "we're famous because we're on the internet and on the S&S website"! Yep. 100% rockstar famous! 

The S&S hostesses posing with the youngest little cowgirl of the bunch! She had never been dropped off before, and couldn't have been cuter! By the time she left, she was a GNO pro!

Sequins and bandanas...pretty sure she's onto a really great trend here! 

Soooo...this cutie may have gotten a little overzealous when painting her little piggy. That was a fun convo to have when momma picked her up! Ugh...all the best laid plans still result in at least one snafu. Luckily her momma laughed it off as I apologized profusely! #kidswillbekids

See that little tongue sticking out? Yeah, that definitely helps when crafting to ensure things are juuuuuust right! 

It wouldn't be a GNO with us without a ton of singing. I may have banned all Frozen music, which just gave us more time to listen to Taylor Swift on repeat! 

The little piggy banks only hold about $.50, but they were too cute to not have as one of our crafts! They fit perfectly with the theme and were the right size for the littles' hands.

This gal has what can only be described as gumption, and I couldn't love it more! 

Part princess, party cowgirl, part rock star...why choose one, when you can be them all rolled into one?!

Laser focused on her artwork.

This sweet one here never lets us take a picture of her, and when I do get one I jump up and down with glee! I think it's a fun little game we play now, because she has the silliest giggle when I do catch her with a smile on film! 

I found the cute cowgirl costumes last minute on sale at Walmart, and they were the perfect fit for the night.

The best thing about our girls' nights is just that - they are GIRLS' nights - big or small, we all need our gals by our side for love support.

I guess I was a decent paparazzi for the evening since I got all the kisses at the end of the fashion show!

I was thiiiiiis close to getting a picture of all the sweet cowgirls looking my direction...but, well, ya win some, ya lose some I guess! They look totally adorable nonetheless! 

After all the dancing and hoopla of the night, we all hunkered down for a little movie and popcorn sesh. I don't know about the littles, but I sure slept like a baby afterwards!

We lassoed up a ton of cowgirl fun during our Howdy Summer Girls' Night Out shindig, and now we're hanging up our hats until the fall. Don't fret though, we've got lots of summer funnin' ahead with our glittery craft-filled summer camps, and we'll return in the fall with a full schedule packed with fun new themes and crafts.


Thanks so much to all the sweet little cowgirls for joining us! Hope to see you soon!


Macrame Wall Hanging: @MacrameByTessaFae on Instagram

Wooden Horseshoes & Mini Cowgirl Hats: Factory Direct Crafts

Cookies: @SayAnythingBakery on Instagram

Berry Baskets, Gabled Boxes, Straws, Fabric, Wooden Spoons, Wooden Boxes & Sherrif's Badges: Hobby Lobby

Cowboy Boot Pinata, Pink Tissue Paper Flowers & Napkins: Target


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